#Cverse launches its #Decentralized #Multiverse Ecosystem as a Utility Service Platform with $CCOIN Digital Asset!

3 min readApr 20, 2023

United Arab Emirates-based firm launched an advanced multiverse ecosystem with the name of #Cverse and developed a unique Multiverse ecosystem where $Ccoin will be the lead transaction fee currency for each Cverse utility platform.

Cverse creating a decentralized metaverse-as-a-service utility platform with photorealistic graphics and another live gaming platform. Because Multiverse provides users with a cost-effective way to enter the metaverse — they can either create their own metaverse environments, purchase a pre-fabricated virtual environment from Multiverse, or work with the Cverse will have one custom-built for them.

Cverse Multiverse’s environments use its proprietary interactive immersive reality (IIR) technology, which creates a fully interactive, photorealistic environment, accessible through all mobile devices and VR headsets. Each environment is capable of hosting thousands of users, with their customizable avatars able to communicate with each other through social networking features and voice chat.

Businesses can sell products and services through the environment, and users have the ability to broadcast audio-visual content. Users can also connect various Web 3.0 technologies such as their crypto wallets to their environment and integrate e-commerce features.

In 2022 and 2023, the Cverse Multiverse ecosystem hosted the soft launch of Cverse in different countries live with its whole management. According to Mr. Jeff, CEO of Cverse Multiverse Ecosystem, the Cverse ecosystem create the next metaverse space where the whole decentralized finance ecosystem merged with CCOIN and CCOIN will use as Fee currency to operate the Cverse ecosystem. He also says this finding proves the potential of the metaverse as a viable and engaging venue for the online gaming and traveling industry.

The Cverse Multiverse Ecosystem is also the metaverse provider for two of the largest global consulting firms, allowing them to host innovative and immersive corporate events, where speakers can give live talks and attendees can network and socialize.

Mr. Jeff says that one of Cverse’s main strengths is the ease of entry. Organizations do not need to spend large amounts of money to get on board the platform, unlike other metaverse platforms in the market.

“For other platforms, users have to purchase virtual real estate or pay for speculative investment in cryptocurrency before they can build in the virtual environment. We do not believe in that model, because there’s no such thing as a scarcity of real estate in the metaverse. Unlike planet Earth, which has a finite amount of land, the metaverse is completely made out of data. We also don’t take a cut from anything that users make in their environments, and they only need to pay for the infrastructure usage.”

According to Jeff, Cverse Multiverse’s decentralized ecosystem means that users own whatever they create on the platform, allowing users to sell or trade their creations as they see fit, without interference from the developer. On centralized virtual platforms, the developer reserves the right to ownership of assets created on the platform, which could lead to conflicts arising between developers and users.

“Our aim is to accelerate businesses and brands’ entry into the metaverse and promote widespread adoption. Many businesses want to dip their toes into the metaverse but are hesitant because they need to justify the huge investment to their boards. We allow these businesses to test out the metaverse, without having to spend huge amounts of money until they’re up and running.”

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